How to get a perfect fit for your wedding garter

Whether or not you are going to do a garter toss or rather keep your wedding garter for your honeymoon, it’s essential to get the perfect fit. I’m all about wearing something beautiful without sacrificing comfort. Every garter I make is designed to be comfortable as well as gorgeous, and because each one is custom made, it’s very important to get accurate measurements. Read the guide below on how to measure your leg for a custom garter.

Get the perfect fit for your wedding garter

You will first need to decide where on your thigh you would like to wear your garter. I recommend positioning your garter at 15 centimetres above the knee. This is roughly in the middle of your thigh.

Whilst you are standing up, take a measuring tape and measure the circumference (or full circle) around your thigh in the position you have chosen.  Don’t pull the measuring tape too tightly against your skin. If you don’t have a measuring tape you can use a piece of string to measure with.  Measure just as you would with a tape measure, and then hold this up against a ruler to see the length in centimetres.

Record this measurement exactly, please measure twice just to be sure. Please don’t add or remove any centimetres as I know how many centimetres to remove to ensure you get a snug but comfortable fit. All stretch laces and satin lingerie elastics stretch differently. I will need your exact measurements to adjust it according to the materials used. This is especially important with elaborate embellishments as that affects parts of the lace or satin elastic that won’t be able to stretch. This is why you avoid ‘one size fits all’, these garters will always be too tight or too loose.

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