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Bridal Veils

Evoke the glamour of Hollywood starlets with a birdcage or blusher veil, or finish your look with the mystery and elegance of a traditional full length veil in one of its length variations (fingertip, ballet, chapel, cathedral).

Each bridal veil is custom designed and crafted by hand with exquisite attention to detail. As the crowning finish to your look, careful consideration is given to the colour, feel and detailing of the veil. Your veil is designed to become an heirloom that you can pass on.

If you are unsure of which veil to use for your wedding day, come to my studio for a personal consultation where you can fit a variety of veils with your wedding dress to find just the right look. If you have a request for a design or photo of a type of veil you would like, feel free to email me for a quotation.